Leadership is influence, influence depends on connecting and connecting depends on building relationships.

I recently watched a repeat of an old TV show. The episode centered on a minor league baseball team that was losing all their games. The team was made up young talented players that didn’t get along. They had no veteran players and no leader. The owner brought an older former player into the team. What was the younger players reaction to older player – make fun of his age. I’m not going to go into detail how the elder player got the younger players attention – he got it and said, “you guys don’t have fun, in my previous teams we fun when we played the game.”

After that encounter, the players started connecting as a team, started having fun with the game and started winning!  The elder player became the leader of the team. He had connected, built relationships and influenced his team members. 

To be more successful in our personal and professional life, we need to build relationships, connect and influence.
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